Picking the Perfect Funeral Home

I’ve been researching funeral homes. Specifically New Hampshire funeral homes because buildings in New Hampshire have a very New Englandy look to them and when I’m describing the funeral home in the book I’ve loosely titled Going Under, I want locals to say, ‘huh, I wonder if she’s talking about the old Jameson place?’ – or whatever the building’s name might be. It might seem like a simple thing to do – to pick a funeral home – but it really isn’t. Some funeral homes look like they were once a privately owned home so they look just like a house.

This is Bennett Funeral home in Concord and I think it looks like a nice family home:


This one is Roberge Funeral Home in Somersworth – I don’t know the history on this place but I’m guessing it’s not around anymore. It again has the feel of a home:


Then, some funeral homes look very commercial. I don’t favor this type but it really depends on what you’re going for. They look very nice and well run, which isn’t the feel I’m going for with my funeral home.

This is Phaneuf Funeral Home and Crematorium in Manchester:


This is Edgerly Funeral Home in Sanbornville.


I’m fond of the in-between funeral homes. Something that looks grand and old, and looks like it could easily be a business.

Connor-Healy Funeral Home in Manchester:


My favorite – Perkins & Pollard Funeral Home in Pittsfield:


The family run funeral home in Going Under was originally a fairly grand place that got a a decent run of business. It was run by two brothers and their families until one brother ran off – allegedly with a woman. After he left, the business went under and over the years bodies have gone missing, the dead have been poorly prepared, and family members have been stabbing each other in the back. Sometimes literally.

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