Running…Not Just Good for Your Ass…

I went for a run tonight. Now that the weather has cooled off so much I find myself more willing to run, which is good because there are several reasons I need to run. It’s healthy, I’m less crabby, and most importantly, it really gets my brain going. I think it’s because it’s one of those mindless things that I can do with my body so my brain is free to plot. There’s also a lot of visual stimulation so my brain picks up little prompts, such as:

That’s a weird hole in their yard. I wonder if you could bury someone in that hole?

He looks a little scary. Like someone who might attack a runner and drag them off into the woods…(quick look behind me) Ok, good. He’s not behind me…

What’s that in the woods? It looks a little bit like a hand…no, it’s a twisted branch. But it could be a hand…

Along with the weird little stories my brain creates, running also helps me figure things out for books I’m currently working on. I work on back story, plot arcs, character relationships, potential murder victims, potential murderers, and even dialog.

So it’s good that I’m running again – now I just have to figure out how to write things down while I’m on the move…

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