A fresh new voice in the world of fiction, Francis Currier brings an element of fun and humor to the world of death, murder, and decomposition. Basing many of her stories in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Ms. Currier uses her dark humor to shed some light on the funeral home industry, Search and Rescue and cadaver dogs, the many ways to dispose of a body, and to her husband’s discomfort, the many ways to kill your spouse.

In the day-to-day business of raising children, Ms. Currier often found herself making up crazy stories to tell her kids. Stories about an emergency cord in the garage that would make the entire garage collapse, and if the kids put coins in their mouths it would make their eyes bleed, and how she could understand everything their cat said. After one of the boys told her about his dream where he ate pennies and mashed potatoes and blood poured out of his eyes – a year and a half after she told them the story – Ms. Currier decided she should perhaps try turning her story-telling on a different audience. An audience that she wouldn’t be responsible for paying the therapy bills.

Ms. Currier lives near the White Mountains with her husband and three of their five sons. She poorly balances her time between family, farming, school, cats, dogs, chickens, a rabbit, Halloween plans, and writing.