Works In Progress

25 Jan 2020

I’m almost done with the second draft of And Then She Was Gone! Finally! This is actually my first full-length novel and I’m quite excited to be so close to the next step with this book.

And Then She Was Gone is a murder mystery/romance that takes place in New Hampshire’s Carroll County. Detective Berlin Redding is having a hard time believing the death of a wealthy lawyer was an accident. As she investigates his past, she learns he wasn’t necessarily the stand-up citizen that everyone made him out to be. She’s also learning her new love-interest, Nichole Kellner, may have some secrets of her own.

I’m hoping to have And Then She Was Gone available by May!

Currently working on two New Hampshire murder mysteries!

After learning the body of her uncle is missing, a woman is called back to her hometown in the White Mountains to help with the family’s failing funeral home business. Once home, she learns that her uncle’s body isn’t the only one that has disappeared.


Bodies are turning up in the secluded White Mountains of New Hampshire and residents are happy to blame the deaths on wild predators. The woman responsible for recovering the bodies isn’t so sure and will do her best to find the true murderer before becoming a victim herself.